Location: Chicago, IL
Interests: Listening to records, writing about ’em, ‘Drink, Bitch’ domination, ELO Karaoke
Nickname/Alternate name: Chris MC
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cmsienko
Twitter: twitter.com/El_Sienko

Significant Other: Wendy MC

Random Fact: Deathly allergic to potatoes, tree nuts, carrots, &c.

Secret Super Power: Eerie vocal resemblance to ELO’s Jeff Lynne

Favorite Bad Bar Song: The time when the bar owner (?) got up on the bar and sang/danced along to the Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’ will stay with me forever.

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon IV & V, Weetacon VII

Best Weetacon Memory: Sleighride at Weetacon IV…lotta laffs, lotta Doctor.

I’m usually the one who…: Leaves the booya (is that what it’s called? The button game thingie…) on in order to get an extra shot out of the deal.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: The waves of nausea and unhappiness radiating off of me Sunday morning of my first Weetacon would be no doubt hilarious if I had witnessed them from anywhere but the inside of my pounding head

Weetathlon Awards: Champion of ‘Drink, Bitch!’ 2009

Known for at Weetacon: Being up for whatever

In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

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  2. […] March weather, so we could get to dinner at Cafe Mario on the river. I got to carpool over with Chris & Wendy Mc which was cool because I’d just finished Wendy’s book The Wilder Life that […]

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