Raffle #16: The Finer Things In Life


Diptych Paris Foin Coupe Candle (Retail $60.00)

Diptyque’s done it again with their cutting-edge freshly-cut hay – let’s face it; the French do cutting-edge very very well and Diptyque is very very French. These wizards have fashioned a quietly confident and enviably elegant candle (as is their wont) but this time out have veered just a bit from the beaten path in their modern and elegant treatment of the humble hay – an unlikely (to our Nana) source for a sophisticated scent and though we’ve spent our fair share of time rolling in it (the hay), we’d doubtless have been surprised to learn that a few years hence these massive bales of grass would be the last word in fragrance. But we get it – we really really do. (And so should you.)

Donated by: Wendy

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