Raffle #12: Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

This item has been so popular in the last two raffles that it is making a third time appearance!

The historic Woodford Reserve Distillery is unlike any other in America. Nestled amid the picturesque horse farms of Central Kentucky, it is the distillery that crafts its bourbon in copper pot stills and ages it in unique limestone warehouses. Whisky was first produced on this site in 1812 and it was here that some of America’s earliest distilling pioneers perfected their craft.

Woodford Reserve is a super-premium small batch bourbon that is gaining a following as the new standard by which other bourbons are now judged. Gold medal winner at the world’s three most prestigious tasting competitions, it has a uniquely rich, smooth and balanced flavor.

Woodford Reserve Distillery is the only operating distillery in America to triple-distill its bourbon using copper stills. The bourbon is then aged in a warehouse built of stone rather than one built of wood. The stone helps to slow the warehouse’s change in temperature as the seasons change, allowing the whiskey to slowly work through the charred oak barrels as they expand in the warmer months and contract in the cooler months. The aging process continues for a minimum of six years before the bourbon is removed from the barrel and bottled at 90.4 proof (45.2% alcohol).

Retail Value: $37.00

Donated by Susan G and Tom

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  1. You know I’m putting in for this again, this year. Maybe I can finish the ENTIRE bottle before we leave the raffle, instead of just half this time… I suppose it depends if I lose out on one of the bacon prizes again, doesn’t it?

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