Creativity Session Descriptions

Trying to decide which sessions to sign up for? Maybe these brief descriptions will help your planning. Keep an eye out for more detailed class descriptions coming soon!!


Writing Curriculum

The Cure for Writer’s Block
Break past the barriers that are keeping you from moving forward with the novel or short story fermenting in your brain in this session. No experience or previously created work necessary — we’ll be writing and sharing during this very session led by author Wendy Wimmer.

Publishing Industry Workshop
Join author and in-house publishing expert Wendy McClure in a rousing discussion about your publishing goals and how to get there from where you are right now.

The Weetacon Booky Wook Club
All writers should read, so join in an hour long discussion with Sarah of a book to be assigned for pre-trip reading.


Creative Refinement

Boiling Water & Washing Dishes: An Intro to Homebrewing
Weetacon’s own brewmasters Esteban & Scotty will lead an informative (and tasty!) discussion of the hows and whys of making beer, including the annual Weetacon Brews.

Melody & Rhythm: The Skeleton of Music
Does all classical music sound the same to you? Well, spend an hour with Kevin studying the subtle differences between different composers and styles and it will never sound the same again!

Art of the Vine: Wine Tasting 101
In vino, veritas! Come join Melinda & Sarah for a wander down to Pirate’s Walk for a discussion of wine and the difference between Chardonnay & Zinfandel and just why they use those barrels.


Creative Hands and Feet

Crochet Party
Join Shae as she teaches you how to use a hook for something other than catching a fish, and walk away with a new skill (and an actual useful item!)

Running For Fun & Inspiration
Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we get outside to clear our heads. Poppy will lead you through a short run and some awesome hints and tips for staying injury free and safe!

Nail Art: You Know You Want To
Fun fingernails aren’t just for kids these days. Come explore the many options for making your fingers flashy with famed nail polish blogger Karen of Frazzle and Aniploish, and walk away with tips that will make all the other girls jealous.


Visual arts

Macro Photography: The Beauty of Thinking Small
Sometimes getting up close and personal with your camera makes your shot worth more than a thousand words. Shawna Cameron (Bruuuuuce) will show you how to do the same macro magic she does in this session.

Creative Composition: Making Art With All Kinds of Cameras
A building isn’t just a building if you catch it at the right angle, and Michael is ready to show you how to use your camera to get arty shots worthy of being hung on your walls.

Filmmaking Anywhere
We all wanted to be in the movies when we were kids, right? Award-winning 48 Hr Film Festival indie film director Jake Kenny will spend an hour helping us delve into the world of film, genres and videography.


Free Play Time

Coloring for Grownups (repeats three times)
Remember spending hours picking just the right color for your unicorns and sports cars when you were coloring in your favorite coloring books? Come relive those memories and enjoy the meditative, relaxing, mind opening qualities of coloring for fun.

Meditation Period (repeats three times)

A recent study has found that meditation makes you more creative. Use this period of time to take a meditation bath or nap in your room.

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