Pronouns: she/her

Location: Toledo, Ohio – home of Tony Packo’s hot dogs and the Toledo Mud Hens!

Interests: traveling, music (listening, not playing), reading, the internet, baseball, cooking, baking, crafts

Blog: not anymore!


Twitter: @hetobeto

Significant Other: Kevin

Attended: Weetacon 2013, 2015-2019

Best Weetacon Memory: Weetaprom and Footloosing across the dance floor

I’m usually the one who…: is cheering everyone on at karaoke

Funniest Weetacon Incident: the year Jeff changed his shirt a ridiculous number of times during the karaoke party and it took the rest of us a ridiculously long time to notice

Weetathlon Awards: sadly I was not present for the Weetathalon

Known for at Weetacon: almost starting a riot when I insisted that Clueless is a better movie than The Breakfast Club (I stand by this statement), and for making sure that there is at least one dedicated Frappuccino run before the raffle starts.

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