kymmLocation: Hollywood, CA

Interests: Books, coin and stamp collecting (woah, hold me back, I’m wild!), movies, buying all of the t-shirts and eye shadow in the world, no t-shirts or eye shadow left for you people, sorry!

Nickname/Alternate name: The Mighty Kymm


Blog: see above


Twitter: @kymmz

Significant Other: None

Random Fact: I was given my first tap dancing lesson by Ray Bolger on the Warner lot.

Secret Super Power: I can win over the most recalcitrant dog.

Attending: Weetacon 2015

Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Because it’s about damn time.

Thing I’m most nervous about: You mean about attending Weetacon?  Nothing!

My impressions of Weetacon are: Snow and friends and friends in the snow.

When we meet, ask me about: Gotta tell you, I’ve been trying for twenty minutes and I can’t come up with a clever question.  Ask me anything, I’ll either answer or look at you in a confused manner.

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