Weetacon VI was held in Green Bay, WI on March 5-7, 2010.

The group

Who Attended:

What you Missed:

  • The supper club Pre-Event at Club Chalet was a lovely introduction to Wisconsin Social Life. And a re-introduction to Wisconsin portions
  • This year saw the last of the beauty products from Wendy’s Closet.
  • Club XS became a fixture, and Jake may or may not have hung from one
  • It seems that the power of Lazers coupled with Tag can split a group this awesome apart. We quickly reformed though, stronger than ever. Because while it may take a lazer to break us apart, busses always bring us back together.
  • Raw Food tried to kill Jennette, or maybe it was the Beef and Cheese industries
  • Title Town Brewery was rude to us, a mistake they will rue to the end of times!
  • The photo scavenger hunt gave us all plenty of opportunity to explore the meaning of “Something Hairy”



Image courtesy of Deb