I don’t drink. Isn’t Weetacon a big drunk fest?

Somewhere along the way, Weetacon got a reputation for being a party conference.  A wild, crazy, boob-baring rock star weekend is just a better story than “a group of writers and readers who get together for networking and socializing and usually go back to the hotel before midnight”.

How do you tell/convince your spouse/coworkers you’re going to meet internet friends?

Exactly like that. Or you tell them that it’s a writer’s conference. There are a lot of writers and authors at Weetacon, and those who aren’t are usually readers of said writers.

Do I have to participate in all of the group activities? Will I be shunned if I don’t?

You don’t have to do anything. You can participate in as few or as many activities as you want. We will post the schedule in your welcome packet, on an online app for your smart phone, and in a pocket guide. The rest is up to you.

Do we HAVE to have a roommate?

This isn’t a cruise ship. If you WANT to have a roommate for social, space or budgetary reasons, you can. If you want privacy or a safe haven from all the socializing, no one will even blink.

What should I pack?

Well, it’s Wisconsin and it’s going to be cold. No, I don’t think you understand. It’s going to be COLD. If you are in a southern climate and have a winter jacket that keeps you warm when it’s 40 degrees outside, it’s probably not going to do the job when it’s 10 or 20 degrees. You should pack a good winter jacket, a hat, some kind of glove/mitten situation, and non-slip shoes (snow leads to ice and ice leads to the dark side, er, falling). 90% of the residents of Green Bay resort to wearing New Balance tennis shoes all winter, so if you have something similar, you’ll be fine. If you have winter boots, you could bring them too, but you certainly wouldn’t have to buy them.  You should also plan to bring a few pairs of good warm socks, as you’re only as warm as your feet.

Above all, the most important packing tip we can give is to plan in layers. For instance, wear a t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt under a hoodie or sweater that you can peel off or pile on as you move from temperature extremes. A pair of leggings or tights under jeans works just as well as a pair of long underwear. You’ll actually be much warmer wearing three thin layers than one thick layer.

Dining and dancing in Green Bay tends to be a very casual affair: this is the land where it’s not unusual to see someone wearing jeans at a weddings and funerals. At the Bad Bar, wear something that you love and feel comfortable in. Got shoes that are amazing? Wear them, but if you’re worried that you won’t be able to dance, bring a spare pair and don’t let anything get in the way of your Sweet Caroline action.

Also, please do wear a winter coat for the outdoor activities, because if you don’t, June will yell at Wendy for not adequately explaining the realities of the Wisconsin winter and we really don’t want that, do we?

I live in a warm climate, where am I going to find a winter jacket/warm clothes/etc?

You can shop online (Old Navy, Land’s End, Eddie Bauer and Nordstrom all have great selections) for winter coats and accessories. Also, you probably don’t have to buy too much (see above regarding layering).

I’m afraid of the cold. Hold me.

Ok, here’s the truth: we are really not outside very much, with the exception of the outdoor activities.  You go from building to car to building and while we selected a hotel that enables you to walk to 90% of the primary activities, we do a pretty good job of shuttling people across the river back and forth to Saturday lunch and dinner, so if you don’t want to walk in the cold, you don’t have to. Promise. Mean it. You know that it can’t be that bad considering that the most common state of origination for Weetacon attendees is California!

The outdoor activities are no more than an hour long and we always make sure that you have “something else” you can do inside a warm building if you’d rather avoid the cold. So, we’ve got you covered!


  1. Worried about packing? Here’s one of my old packing lists…
    Still worried about packing? I’ll be happy to pack for you… I’m tremendously OCD, you see. 🙂

  2. Please don’t forget a hat that covers your ears! Not will June yell at you, I will yell at you too.

  3. @fredlet I am looking forward to you coming to my house and packing for me. Thanks for the offer.

  4. I’m a little conflicted whether I should go to the next Weetacon or the next Gathering of the Juggalos?

    Any thoughts?

  5. “How do you tell/convince your spouse/coworkers you’re going to meet internet friends?”

    I told my brother it was a blogger meetup, and he assumes we will be eating cheetos in someone’s mother’s basement. Because that’s what bloggers do.

  6. I lie and tell people that it’s a writer’s convention and Very Serious. And then I round the corner and laugh and laugh…

  7. Also, Fred, does this offer of packing apply to your friends across the miles? If so, get on over here.

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