Missing your Weetacon family? Come to the Weetacon Family Reunion, held in Green Bay Wisconsin’s lovely downtown September 23-25th at St. Brendan’s Inn. We will be doing some new activities (pedal boating on the Fox! the Green Bay Farmer’s Market right at St. Brendan’s doorstep! MINI DONUT TRUCK!) and some old favorites (brats and pineapple fluff!) too.

All attendees will be required to provide proof of current COVID vaccine status and take a rapid test upon checking in. To keep all safe and reduce risk as much as possible, we ask that everyone wears a mask while inside the Waterford Room. We will focus on primarily outdoor activities for the most of the weekend. Registration is open ($149 per attendee, send it to weetabix@gmail.com on Paypal). You can call and make your hotel reservations at St. Brendan’s by talking to Ashleigh and giving her the Weetacon group name.

Weetacon Family Reunion will take place on September 23-25, 2022. There will be some light early bird activities on Thursday September 20th mostly for the sake of the West Coast folks who need the extra travel day going East (and I’ll be frank, it’s mostly drinking on the patio, because I’m working all day on Thursday and don’t have the wherewithal to coordinate something fancy), but our official activities will not begin until Friday late afternoon. That said, I’m hoping to do some downtown carousing on Friday, not limited to lunching at Vintage Cantina (yum, deep fried avocado tacos and coconut water margs), thrift store cruising in my almost-vintage VW bug convertible (space for one adult passenger and maybe a very tiny second adult in the teeny backseat), checking out the new indie bookstore downtown, and in general being happy to see those beautiful faces in person. I mean, virtual Zoom Weetacon was great and all but HOLY CRAP I MISSED THE SPARKLE IN YOUR EYES!

A bit more information on the schedule specifics: It’s entirely dependent upon how many people come so that we can make the best use of our collective resources. The $149 registration fee goes 100% to programming, materials and food. Currently, the registration is planned to go for Friday’s paddle boat on the Fox, a post-paddle boat “tailgate” party on the Fox River trail (BYOB and BYO chair), two Corsi-Rosenthal air filtration systems to keep the Waterford Room and the community room air filtered, rapid COVID tests, the open-air shelter at Bay Beach Amusement Park along with the outdoor picnic eats, including pineapple fluff, grilled brats (both carnivore and vegan options) with Esteban’s homemade sauerkraut, and other taste delights, snacks and bevs for the riverside reception at Eileen’s swank downtown loft, and hopefully a visit from the mini donut truck. Again, it’s ENTIRELY dependent on how many people register between now and September 15th but I’m hoping to get Friday’s dinner/tailgate party catered by Van Abel’s too so that we don’t have to worry about eating together indoors.

Other things that are happening are the Green Bay Saturday farmer’s market (right outside St. Brendan’s from 7 – 12 pm), the Weetacon raffle on Sunday morning, and probably some other tomfoolery that I’ve forgotten to mention.

Hotel stuff:

You’re ready to rock and roll to book your hotel by calling St. Brendan’s. As ever, there’s only 28 rooms, and when they are gone, they are gone. They should not charge a deposit for reserving your room, and you can cancel up until two days before without a penalty or fee. $89 per night for a standard room, boom, done, the suites and snugs are sold out already so yer basic. Overflow hotel is the Hotel Northland (about three blocks walk from St. B’s) or the Hampton Inn (about four blocks walk). There are also a few AirBnBs around the area that might be fun.

Pros of this Weetacon:

  • It’s in September this year, so we are almost guaranteed to have not have your flight cancelled due to a blizzard
  • Pineapple Fluff!!!
  • Ward has been busy in the woodshop making more bowls amazing things for the raffle
  • Something to look forward to in this unending collective nightmare of a political cycle
  • Green Bay pricing is still stuck around 1998 so your mad money goes incredibly far
  • Roller coaster! Two ferris wheels! A MOTHERFUCKING ENORMOUS SLIDE! And every ride ticket costs a quarter. I’m not joking. 25 American pennies per ticket, no cost of admission to get in the park. You can get Scrambled for two quarters, or Zippin Pippin’d for a buck.
  • Attendees will all have updated vaccination for COVID, and confirm a negative rapid test upon arrival.
  • Outdoor activities and eating and drinking will be the norm to reduce the chance of infection.We will have at least two air filtration machines running inside our community areas on Friday and Saturday to maintain a good quality of CO2 monitoring and filtration, reducing risk of community spread as much as possible. Seriously, we’re all over keeping you safe. Additionally, well-fitting n95 masks will be required by all people in the Waterford Room. No exceptions. The windows in the Waterford room will also be open all weekend — if it’s cold inside, we’ll build a fire in the fireplace and suggest that you should put on a sweater.
  • Wanna bring your family? Go ahead. It’s a family reunion (the booze cruise is ages 21 and over but every other thing is all ages).
  • No Packer home game.

Cons of this Weetacon:

  • No theme or costume party. Wear comfortable clothes and bring layers — a LOT of our time will be spent outdoors and mid September is VERY unpredictable weather-wise.
  • Your cholesterol may go up (eat a vegetable! Yes, the garnish on the St. Brendan’s bloody mary counts)
  • No karaoke — you can sing acapella all you want though!
  • The stupid pandemic isn’t over yet, but we’re going to make the best of it.
  • Sunday afternoon and the Post-Weetacon blues
  • Only 35 people can attend tops because otherwise we max out the Waterford room
  • The other people in your life just don’t get itIt only happens once a year and it hasn’t happened since 2019.
  • That’s it!

To register for Weetacon Family Reunion

Just fill out this form, then hit Paypal and send $149 per person to Weetabix@gmail.com (please use Friends and Family so that Weetacon doesn’t get socked with fees) and make your hotel reservation with Ashleigh at St. Brendan’s and THAT IS IT.