Raffle #30: Phineas X. Jones Poster #1: It Came From the Neo-Futurarium Silkscreen Print

Chicago graphic artist and illustrator Phineas Jones has a slightly skewed eye for the world of man and beast, whether biologically squinchy (his most famous creation, the Octophant, currently on display at the Van Buren Metra stop in downtown Chicago), surreal (a squid in a business suit, slumped in a chair, who obviously didn’t get the promotion he wanted), historical (“Beards of the Civil War”) or turn-of-last-century sci-fi, like this poster. Advertising Chicago’s absurdist sketch group the Neo-Futurists, this poster features a “Metropolis” (the movie) style retro-cool sheen, and would great in a frame on your wall. The photo really doesn’t do justice to the striking silver and gold inks used in silkscreening this print — you really have to see it in person.

If you like Phineas’ art, you can see more at his website.

Retail Value: $20.00

Donated by: Wendy MC and Chris MC

Raffle Winner: Jake

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