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We recognize that Weetacon is a hot ticket and spots go really fast. We’re committed to retaining that Weetacon magic that comes from people who return again and again (aka the Weetacon Veterans) but we also are committed to giving new folks the opportunity to experience Weetacon as well. As such, we give veterans priority registration, based upon seniority (aka how many Weetacons they have officially registered for in the past).

Weetacon veterans who have attended all previous Weetacons will get the first opportunity for early registration. Veterans who have registered for all but one year will have the next opportunity and so on.

Because Weetacon has more past attendees than capacity (50), we have “saved” some places for Weetacon attendees who have been to fewer Weetacons. (We used to save some places for the other Year tiers too, but since they get such early registration, it’s a mute point and just extra record keeping). We also reserve four spots for first timers, available when Weetacon registration opens on November 1. If those reserved spots are not used by first time attendees by February 1, the open spots will revert back to the waiting list.

Early Registration for Weetacon 2014

For the 2014 Weetacon event, early registration schedule is as follows. There are two guaranteed spots available for Year 3, Year 2 and Year 1 respectively.

  • Oct 23 (9 Years)
  • Oct 24 (8 Years)
  • Oct 25 (7 Years)
  • Oct 26 (6 Years)
  • Oct 27 (5 Years)
  • Oct 28 (4 Years)
  • Oct 29 (3 Years) (2 spots guaranteed)
  • Oct 30 (2 Years) (2 spots guaranteed)
  • Oct 31 (1 Year) (2 spots guaranteed)

Open Registration for Weetacon 2014

All first timers and veterans welcome to register for Weetacon 2014 on November 1.

  • Nov 1 , 2014 (4 spots guaranteed for first timers)





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