Raffle #28: Eat Trash, Drink Coffee, Be Free

Two coffee mugs by Phineas X. Jones.

You might remember Phineas’ name from past Weetacon raffles, including the highly sought-after “Commie Reagan” poster. He was the visual face of Half Acre Brewery, whose beers have also graced several Weetacon raffles. His website, octophant.us, is choc-a-bloc with incredible artwork that you can purchase on everything from posters to T-shirts to phone cases. Even a pair of shoes featuring the Soviet cosmonaut dogs Belka and Strelka! Go check it out, it’s seriously cool. 

This is a matched set of two generous 15 oz. coffee mugs featuring Phineas’ adorable opossum royalty, white art on coffee stain-concealing black mugs. Channel your inner trash-kitty the next time that leftover Chex Holiday Mix starts looking like your idea of a balanced breakfast. It’s good to be the Queen, and the King!

Retail Value: $15.00 Each

Donated by Chris and Wendy MC

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