We’ve heard you bragging about your amazing cooking skilz and now is your chance to put your money (or your brownies) where your mouth is. Inspired by this article from the Onion, we’ll be holding the second Weetacon Bake Sale with all proceeds going to help Paul’s Pantry feed the impoverished residents of Northeastern Wisconsin.

I’ve never made anything for a bake sale before!

Oh, it’s such an easy way to make money for a great cause, plus, unlike the raffle, when you hand over your dollar you KNOW you’re getting something you really want. Need some more coaxing? Here are some great bake sale tips and tricks.

Will Saint Brendan’s let us use their kitchen?

Probably not. I wouldn’t count on it.

But I’m staying in a hotel! How am I going to bake things?

Yes, this is part of the challenge! You have a few options:

  • Be creative and use the implements you have in your hotel room (The Quality Inn and Hotel Sierra rooms have a full kitchenette and St. B’s might have microwaves, but they do definitely have coffee pots for boiling water)
  • Just because it’s a Bake Sale, it doesn’t mean that you had to be the one to bake it. You could buy something really wonderful and repackage/break it apart to sell. There are lots of Green Bay shops and bakeries in the area, ripe for the pillaging.
  • You don’t have to actually BAKE something for the bake sale. It could be something you compiled or mixed without baking (Jello Pudding Shots anyone?) after a quick stop at a local grocery store. Just stash a whisk in your luggage and you’re ready to rock.
  • You can bake things at home and bring them in your luggage. If you freeze them, they should stay amazingly fresh. You can also ship them. The USPS has a priority mail flat shipping rate that lets you send the perfect bar-sized box for $4.85, or a huge box for about $10.
  • You can bribe Scotty Boom Boom to let you use his kitchen.

So I bring my brownies or whatever and that’s it?

Pretty much. However, if your item needs special implements (cups, utensils, toothpicks, special serving items, whatever), please bring those too. We’ll have napkins but that’s it and it would be a shame to mess up your beautiful contribution by eating it like cavemen.

Why should I contribute to this if I’m already contributing to the charity raffle?

Two words: bragging rights. Oh, and I should probably mention that there’s a contest involved. Yep, this is going to be a juried bake sale! Three prizes will be awarded (Come on, this is Weetacon. Of course there will be prizes!): one for the Best Overall, one for the item that earned the most money, and one prize for the People’s Choice.

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