We have set up the raffle in such a way that you can absolutely deduct the money you donate to any of the charities (in return for your donation, you get X number of prize tickets…fine line, yes, but we’re not crossing it).

In order to make this easier to track for everyone, we will be unable to accept cash for the purchase of raffle tickets. Raffle tickets can be purchased by a check made payable to Paul’s Pantry of Green Bay, Kathy’s House or Happily Ever After.

Donations can also be made directly to the charities. The receipt can be provided onsite to Shawn, the raffle chair, or a copy can be sent by email to shawn@weetacon.com in exchange for tickets once you arrive in Green Bay.

Donation links:

Paul’s Pantry

Kathy’s House

Happily Ever After

Your raffle item may be tax deductible, depending on what it is.

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