Raffle #48: Classical Music Package

We all know that we have a number of talented authors in the Weetacon group. This year we have an offering of a different kind of writing…musical compositions by our own Kevin Pogue!

This package includes everything a person needs to learn about how to read sheet music, the differences between different eras of music, and what kinds of music inspires our own in-house musical composer. Items up for grabs in this package include the following:

— Printed full score of Kevin Pogue’s Symphony No. 3
— Printed full score of Kevin Pogue’s Symphony No. 4
— Printed full score of Kevin Pogue’s parade march “Ship of the Line” w/recording
— A copy of the book “Classical Music for Dummies” (with audio CD) by Scott Speck and David Pogue (no relation)
— A CD of Kevin’s musical inspirations

Retail Value: The book? $25.00. The scores? Priceless.

Donated by Kevin

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