Raffle #10: Angel City Derby Girls Swag-o-Rama!

Angel City Derby Girls (ACDG), established in 2007, is a flat track roller derby league based in Los Angeles, California.

The league currently consists of three teams: the Hollywood Scarlets, the Rocket Queens and the Road Ragers.

Weetacon’s own Decider is a member, skating with the league’s Rising Stars.

You can proudly represent the Power of the Pegasus (POP POP!) wherever you go with the items you will win in the ACDG Swag-o-Rama: a red and gold t-shirt bearing the league logo, a POP! POP! pennant, logo/team buttons, stickers and a tote bag.

(T-shirt size can be exchanged if you would prefer a smaller or larger size.)

Retail Value: $40.00

Donated by Angel City Derby Girls/Shawn

Raffle Winner: Shawn Science

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