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[6 Feb 2019 | No Comment | ]

These large fabric bucket shaped totes are perfect for stashing blankets next to your couch, a craft project to take with you, or maybe a small dog. Two bags will be up for grabs! 

Retail Value: $50.00 each

Donated by Melinda

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[20 Feb 2016 | No Comment | ]

– 10-1/4-inch enameled cast-iron grill skillet with 1-3/4-quart capacity
– Ribbed cooking surface drains away excess fat
– Chip- and crack-resistant enamel won’t react to foods
– Integral iron handle; easy-grip helper handle; dual pour spouts
– Hand washing recommended; safe to use at any oven temperature and under the broiler
– Assist tab for easy carrying
The current version of this pan goes for well over a hundred dollars, depending on the color up to $160. Le Creuset features a limited lifetime warranty. This pan is good for a lifetime and beyond, your kids/heirs …

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[9 Feb 2015 | One Comment | ]

Location: Louisville KY
Interests: the world around me.
Nickname/Alternate name:
Website:  none
Blog: I’m a wannabe blogger. I have notes and opinions but no follow though. My favorite blog is: The repurposed writer
Facebook: Peggy Storm Muller
Twitter: peggystormmuller
Significant Other: none, but feel free to find me one.
Random Fact: I’ve lived in 7 states, some multiple times.
Secret Super Power: If I tell you it won’t be a secret.
Attending: Weetacon 2015
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Susan Grace asked me and after hearing about it for so long, I jumped at the chance to attend.
Thing I’m most nervous about: meeting you all.
My impressions of Weetacon are: fun & friendship
When we meet, ask …

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[9 Feb 2015 | One Comment | ]

Location: Janesville, WI
Interests: running, riding/showing my American Saddlebred horse, reading, learning Irish Gaelic, travel, jelly beans, pugs, music, frogs, speaking with an English accent, men who speak with an English accent,  Irish history, sleeping in
Nickname/Alternate name:
Facebook: Kari Woodrich Miller
Significant Other: husband Todd
Random Fact: my next door neighbors when I was a kid were distant relatives of John Wilkes Booth ( how’s that for random??)
Secret Super Power:  ability to chug a beer faster than fraternity boys
Attending: Weetacon 11
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: I have it on good authority that there is no better way to spend a long weekend in March …

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[16 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]

Location: New Franken, WI
Interests: Cooking and gardening
Nickname/Alternate name: Chris
Significant Other: Aaron

Random Fact:
Secret Super Power:
Attending: Weetacon 2014
Reason I’m attending Weetacon:
Thing I’m most nervous about:
My impressions of Weetacon are:

When we meet, ask me about: Visiting Disney World

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[29 Mar 2011 | 42 Comments | ]

I had the luxury of test driving several Igigi dresses recently.
I have an hourglass figure, however, I am rather foreshortened so most dresses tend to make me look like a potato despite my actually having a defined waistline. The fact that I wear different sized tops than pants/skirts tends to ensure a dress either fits on top or bottom, but not both. It’s a bit dispiriting to say the least.
Try a skirt with the shirt tucked in, you say? I look …

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[7 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]

Location: Boston, Ma
Interests: Theater, Internet, Writing, Old Online Jouranling
Nickname/Alternate name: Patrick is fine.
Website/Blog: http://p-j-cleary.livejournal.com (most entries are locked nowadays)
Facebook: Patrick Cleary
Twitter: xingcat
Significant Other: Someday!
Random Fact: I used to share rink time with Nancy Kerrigan
Secret Super Power: Bow tying.
Attending: Weetacon VII
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Shawn asked me to!
Thing I’m most nervous about:Nobody will like me and I’ll be left in the cold all by myself.
My impressions of Weetacon are:It’s a lot of fun, and most everybody has been to a lot of them.
When we meet, ask me about: Whatever clever thing …