Jessi reviews the Igigi Estrella, Tres Chic and Florentia dresses

When Wendy told us of our little Weetacon fashion show, the high pitched squee I emitted was probably heard by the dogs of the greater Green Bay area, but seriously, if you were just told you’d get to rock some awesome fashion AND be in a fashion show in a load of gorgeousness, wouldn’t you be excited to the point of hyper-squee? Of course you would. I can only say that my fellow models were shocked beyond belief and that’s why I was so freaking loud and crazy when compared to the rest of them.

Once I had been given my fashion, I was more than ready to rock my America’s Next Top Model strut that I’ve been practicing in the mirror for a while (don’t judge; you’re smizing right now as you read this!); I was one of the very lucky ones who not only received one incredibly beautiful garment, but THREE…THREE DRESSES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Photo courtesy of Jorie Tappa


My first dress was the Estrella dress in red, and really, it was so hard to top. Everyone looked gorgeous and beautiful in their gowns, but I have to say, I think this was the very best of the hot and glamorous. The top is a beautifully constructed taffeta; it has so much visual interest with the pleats and a ton of support without gaps or seams. I have a big chest and am always looking for something that both supports and shows off the girls without seeming lewd, cheap, or desperate. The long chiffon skirt is flowy and not showy, meaning I felt confident, floaty, and ethereal and the skirt wasn’t sticking to my Spanx.

The big bonus with this dress is that ribbon belt which isn’t necessary, but HELLO! WAIST! The black ribbon belt was well-made and added just a pop of visual interest and color-blocked the red. No tummy/thigh worries here!

As for the downside to this gown, I’m 5’5”. I needed it hemmed desperately. Plan on wearing some big girl shoes and getting someone handy with needle and thread to make it perfect on you if you’re my height. You can wear this gown with straps or without; I chose to wear it with straps, but for the future I probably won’t. I have narrow shoulders and straps tend to be a big hassle for me. Big ups to my girl Andrea for pinning my straps in!

Photo courtesy of Ryan

Minimal accessories are needed, quite honestly. I had my oh-so-cute Gracie Designs clutch with me, and it was really all I needed because everything else on the gown is so detailed and interesting! This dress, quite frankly, is a show-stopper. Everyone said so, so don’t just take my word for it (*cue Reading Rainbow chord here*). If you don’t believe me, you can ask my hubby. Not only did he love, love, love this dress, but he also offered to take me somewhere extremely swank just so I have an excuse to wear it out often! WINNING.

Estrella dress in red (You could order the black, but why on Earth would you want to?)

Recommended for: Going to the opera, super-formal cocktail party, Academy Awards, super-swank restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but have to wait for your tax return to afford it! I’m going to wear this to chaperone our senior prom in this spring, I think.

Not Recommended for: Wearing to a wedding, EVER. I don’t care if you are a bridesmaid, this dress will instantly make the bride hate you for looking way too hot. Don’t do it.

Photo courtesy of Ryan

My second fast-change was into the Tres Chic Black and White dress, which made about nine of us nine-tuplets? I have no clue what we would be, but we all looked hot. THAT IS THE BEAUTY of this dress. The style is extremely flattering for ALL body types, and I was surprised. I thought for sure that with sleeves, my narrow shoulders would look silly, but that wasn’t the case at all. The bunchiness at the front of the dress hides what needs to be hidden, and the length looked appropriate on all of us regardless of height. The dress was very comfortable and QUITE sexy; it’s nice enough to wear to work, but I’m a teacher, so I don’t know I’d feel comfortable wearing this to work without a blazer or cardigan to make it a little more appropriate. I think the solid-colored print version would work better for a career environment, but that’s me.

The fabric is a polyester/elastane mix, which means really nothing to me. I will tell you that it travels well without getting wrinkly. I wore it recently to a dinner with friends, and I did find it kind of hot at times, and I was self-conscious about being sweaty. This is a perfect “Starter Dress” for ordering because I can’t imagine anyone a) looking bad in it and b) screwing up the sizing so it doesn’t fit. Like the magic jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, this dress is truly meant to be worn and shared!

Tres Chic Black and White Dress:

Recommended for: dinner with friends, blind date, celebrating your sister’s birthday

Not Recommended for: teaching in, dad’s birthday party, summertime

Photo courtesy of Ryan

Sadly, I only have one dress left to review, and it was my first choice from the Igigi website because it was such a departure for me and what I normally wear, the Florentia in garnet. What drew me to the garment was it’s sexy and super-flattering, and I was thrilled that was the case when I put it on. Quite frankly, if this could hold up to an entire night of booze and karaoke, this is the kind of dress I ALWAYS want to be wearing.

The garnet part of the dress is a rich, deep color; this would be perfect for any party in the fall or winter. It’s shaped well and feels great. This dress also comes with a black belt (I guess I was really drawn to the belts) with leather flowers; just so you know, in my haste to get changed super-fast between runway walks, I accidentally wore the belt from my first dress with this dress. You can see it looks lovely from the picture, but I think the black leather flowers make it a little edgy that the ribbon details miss. Again, having a belt to define my bustline was a major plus!

The mesh sleeves were something I’d always been afraid of; what a win that it hides the jiggly bits of my arms and gives the illusion that they’re toned and lovely? Yay!

Again, I got sweaty in this dress, but I chalk that up to me performing way too many songs at karaoke and doing so the entire time with an adult beverage in my hand.

Florentia Dress in Garnet

Recommended for: Holiday party, evening wedding in the fall or winter, engagement party, drinks after work with new guy in Accounting, girls’ night out

Not Recommended for: child’s birthday party, outdoor activities or outdoor wedding, karaoke in a country bar

Photo courtesy of Jorie Tappa

Igigi wants me to tell you that these gorgeous items are now in my closet. I got them for free in exchange for the review. You don’t have to hide how jealous you are, but maybe I can make you feel a little better.

How would you like $50 to spend on some amazing fashion at I thought so!

Here’s the deal: in the comments section, write me a little story about which hot little number you’d purchase on Igigi’s website and what you would do in said outfit. Maybe you’re thinking of running off to Vegas to get hitched? Maybe you have a job interview and want to rock your potential employer with your mind and fashion acumen? Maybe you just need a new skirt because seriously, who doesn’t want a new skirt?

I will choose the winner based on entertainment value of post and demonstrated need of retail therapy. That’s right, I’M in charge, so impress me!

Your comment must be posted by April 7, 2011, and you must live in a state where Igigi ships.


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  1. The Florentia dress is beautiful on you! (Gotta start with a compliment to try to sway you…)

    I would like the Rainy Day trench coat. Why?? ‘cuz I’m an international spy headed to Spring in Moscow. I need to be covert…but not too covert. Spy chicks get all the guys, don’t you know?!

    Can I win the certificate yet?!

  2. Gorgeous Jessi. Just gorgeous! [blow kiss]

  3. That Estrella dress is a knockout! Love it!

    If I were an international spy, I would want that trench coat, too. But I’m a stay at home mom who lives in yoga pants and is dying for a good excuse to go paint the town red. I need the Misaki dress so I can wow my husband (who thinks I look great in the yoga pants, btw, but isn’t immune to cleavage-enhancing bodices) and go out for a fancy dinner!

  4. I would love the Tres Chic dress–you’re right, it would flatter everyone, I think!!

    The Florentia looks AMAZING on you. Honestly, I didn’t think much of it on the website, but on you it’s stunning.

  5. I would love to see you walk into your school prom in the Estrella dress! Eyes would bug out.

    I just saw the Catherine Asymmetrical Dress in Emerald in the new arrivals! Wow. I would totally wear that to work, or to a nice dinner (like my anniversary!).

  6. You look amazing dahlink!

    I was drooling on the Trench earlier, but the more I look at the belts on your dresses and think about the earlier belt comments…Hm… Maybe the Obi Belt in black? But then I’d need a top to wear it with! Or… a dress or… 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’m in a state that Igigi ships to (or any state at all for that matter) so sadly can’t enter the draw, but I wanted to say that you were super-cute in the fashion show!

    If I win give my loot to TranceJen – I hear she’s got a hot 21 year old panting after her these days. 😉

  8. I love the garnet dress! Awesome.

  9. Boulangerie Wrap Dress. In every color. To wear everywhere. But especially NYC!

  10. I need the Boulangerie Wrap, so that I can look sexy and mysterious to a would-be suitor. (He doesn’t need to know I’m easy right away!)

  11. WOW Jess, you look amazing in all three and I love the details about each piece. How did you get hooked up with such a fun side job?

    It is so hard to find flattering plus sized clothes that not only are stylish, but hug curves instead of adding extra fabric, weird ruffles or ties to distract from your shape (and I am not talking about the shape, round :)).

    That being said, I loved the website. I have never heard of them before and the have great styles. The Venice dress is a must have for me. Every girl searches for a little black dress, but trust me- spaghetti straps are not going to hold all this in there. This dress is gorgeous. It is sexy with the v-neck while classic with the lace and perfect knee length. It would be perfect for me to wear to weddings, important business meetings or an anniversary dinner with my hubby.

    So happy for you and your new frocks. if anyone deserves to be treated, it is YOU!

  12. I would get the Boulangerie Wrap Dress in Richelieu Blue. Then I would travel to Paris and wear it at a real life boulangerie, because where else would you wear a Boulangerie Dress? I’ll be really appreciative that the dress is adjustable after I eat some pain au chocolat and macaroons.

  13. Sweet, sweet Jessie you should wear the Tres Chic to work to impress your school kids with the statement that they should appreciate your beauty as well as your brains! I would wear the blue Sachi dress on our double date to eat crab cakes when we come to Balimer to visit you. Hugs and kisses.

  14. I really like the new Sachi dresses. The print looks really nice, and you could probably dress it up or down. I would definitely wear it to my SIL’s wedding in June, but could also wear it to the office or to dinner with my husband.

  15. Oh, pretty pretty girl. You rocked those dresses so incredibly well!

    I myself am in dire need of more dresses to wear this summer when it is hot, hot, hot. So I would love to buy the Giana dress so I can put it on with my super adorable strappy black sandals and strut into my boss’ office and very sweetly ask for the money for my pet projects (which are ever so sexy computer hardware updates, RAWR) and then! I will get the money! And maybe a raise and a vacation!

  16. Oh that Tres Chic makes everyone look beautiful!! You look wonderful in all of them!

  17. Ok, I have now looked at so many of Igigi clothes tonight, and I want most of them, but,the Estrella dress is now in the lead. Not only is that red incredible, but, it would be fabulous for when my husband and I renew our vows later this year. So beautiful.

    As our the other two on you but, I adore the red of the Estrella! (please forgive typing, just had hand surgery typing one handed.)

  18. I like you in the black and white dress – it’s so cute! I’m jonesing for The Boulangerie Wrap Dress to wear out and about just about anywhere, but mostly to the dreaded wedding and baby showers, where I always feel under or overdressed.

  19. As the mother of two little children that made my butt bigger by forcing me to eat things like hot dogs and mac and cheese from a box, I would be more than happy for any of these dresses. It would be a wonderful change from the grubby, sticky hand printed jeans or drooled on sweaters (kid drool, not mine).

    I would put on the Florentia Dress in Garnet, hop into my limo and fly off to Paris. There I would dine on the finest of wines and cheese.

    Or I could be realistic and wear it the wedding I am invited to next month. A girl can dream!

  20. You look stunning in all of these dresses!!
    I would love a chance to represent igigi when I go to the James Beard Awards in New York the first weekend in May (I’m going with my company because one of our cookbooks has been nominated for an award – this is like the Oscars in the Food Industry) and I think the Florentia dress in Garnet is beautiful, and so is the Estrella dress in red. You’re amazing – keep rocking these beautiful looks!

  21. Jessie, dude… seriously…. You were made for IGIGI. I have no words. Last year, that dress that wasn’t even ordered for you took my breath away and this year, DAMN lady. SWEET!
    I love that you picked colors that would pop. The red definately does something for you and the Tres Chic is a definate “go to” dress for almost any occasion.
    I need more tops to go with my skirts (and black pants wearing rut) so I would love to have the Ishiko Top in Chocolate. Reversible belt, baby!

  22. Jessie, you look amazing in all of those dresses!

    If the heavens part, the angels sing and I am graced with an Igigi gift certificate, I will most assuredly be putting it toward the purchase of the Tres Chic Dress in Plum. The color is GORG and, y’know, purple tones make green eyes pop (*ahem* I have green eyes).

    The cut looks flattering and comfortable and I just know that it will keep me comfortable on the the private jet that my hot new admirer (because, after all, he saw me in That Dress!) owns and wants to whisk me away to Italy on. It will be roomy enough for plate after plate of fresh pasta and basket of fresh bread. It will cover me enough for tours of cathedrals and flash just enough skin to gain the admiration, whistles and dreamy gazes of sultry Italian men.

    Or, more likely, I could wear it to the office to impress my co-workers and clients who are all part of a more professional environment than the one my closet exists in. I could meet some girlfriends for drinks at my favorite little Mexican hole-in-the-wall and still look hot even if they stick a stupid sombrero on my head and make me drink margaritas. Then I’d have dinner with my husband in a quiet restaurant made for holding hands, whispering naughty things and eating amazing food. At home he’d try to ease the dress off, but I’d likely keep it on while I tended to the toddler, cleaned up cat puke, vacuumed the living room and folded some laundry because, after all, I am a working Mom and that dress is made for any and everything.

    Love it. Want it. Must have it!

  23. Jessi my love, you look mahvelous! I adore that Florentia dress on you. I would love to drink merlot in the Sachi dress in merlot (and that’s a lotta merlot!) on a double date with you and Ryan.

  24. At the risk of getting sweaty…

    The Boulangerie Wrap Dress in Merlot Grape haiku:

    ‘A dress I could rock!
    Wrap me in merlot grape cloth,
    Fashionable Me!’

  25. […] was going to be the Tres Chic in Black and White (and check out how great it looks on so many different body types at Weetacon!), and while I do love the Tres Chic, my heart absolutely belongs […]

  26. The estrella dress is by far my favorite you look great in it!!

  27. dang forgot the garment thing I would wear!

    I think I would totally wear the Gianna Dress to my girlfriend’s wedding this summer..

  28. needlegrrl at gmail

    the gloria dress is fab! I might even wear it to work, but could definitely wear it out to dinner with my husband!

  29. I’ve always wanted to try Igigi but just never did. I love the Gloria Dress in Bordeaux or Sachi in Merlot. I think either would be perfect for a upcoming wedding I have to attend in June!

  30. Oh, the pretty… I’ve been pretty sold on the boulangerie for a while now, but I’m getting a bit sold on the Tres Chic as well. I will mainly wear the dress to work, but I will use its beauty to blind those folks who think that a mass email is an appropriate forum to use when reducing an employee’s hours, and then dazzle all of the hordes of companies who will be aching to hire me for freelance work as I break free. It will flutter in the breeze as I summarily dismiss the past, and stride brazenly forward.

  31. I’ve always wanted to be a spontaneous Vegas Bride, and since I’m already an old bride that got hitched on a mountaintop instead, I’d like to renew my love for the mister in the Keira Lace Dress. I imagine myself in a post-vow glow at the top of the Eiffel Tower, gazing out at the sparkling desert dreamscape in my beautiful Kiera lace and heels. Afterwards we’d sip celebratory champagne at the Cosmopolitan (The Chandelier Bar — oh my! I’d feel like a movie star there in that dress)! And have a Casino/Sharon Stone moment playing baccaret.

  32. I love the Vilenna Dress – I would wear it out for a sunday lunch date!

  33. i love the Gianna Dress so cute.

  34. I think the Boulangerie Wrap Dress just looks so chic. I’m always aiming for chic and classy, but I feel like most days I fall far short. So I’d love to try wearing that dress to work and feeling all professional and put together.

  35. I have a retro themed wedding to go to, and I think I could rock the hell out of the L’Amourette dress! Time to represent and not hide behind a mummu because I am not a size 2 : )

  36. Eyeing the Boulangerie or Tres Chic to perk up the drudgery of the office You look great in all three!

  37. I want to try the Tres Chic. I have trouble finding dresses that flatter my apple shape so I want to see some magic happen!

  38. Estrella is indeed stunning!

    I’ve got my eye on the Elianne Top in purple or perhaps raspberry flambe to wear to work.

  39. I’d love to try the CEO dress for an interview or for work (yeah, I know, boring) or the Florentina in garnet for a winter wedding or party. You look stunning in all 3 dresses!

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