Mo reviews the IGIGI Rachelle lace dress in Onyx


As part of the Igigi event at Weetacon, I was given the Rachelle lace dress in Onyx, in exchange for writing an honest review.

This is the Rachelle dress, which retails for $170. It was very high-quality, and that price point seemed appropriate. I dressed it down a bit for karaoke night with a fun rainbow necklace from Tatty Devine, and my trusty pewter Tieks.

As the reviewers on the Igigi website mentioned, and as you may be able to see from the fit on me, this dress runs a little small in the bust, so I would probably go up a size. This one was a 22/24. I actually had the opposite problem with a different dress, which was also a 22/24, but too big on me. As everything from Igigi always is, it was well-made, luxe, and extremely comfortable.rachelle-dress-fron IGIGI

As for the dress itself, it’s very pretty, and I liked the effect of the lace, but I think it’s designed for a different body type than mine. Either I need to go back in time and pack a different bra, or the empire-waist style might not be the best style on me. (Apparently I’m a Diamond. I should have looked this up before choosing dresses–from now on I’ll be more strategic. And I hope The Carmen top works with Diamond shapes, because I need this top for work. Need it.) (Nobody told me to say that.)

Overall, it might not have 100% been “my dress,” but I felt very comfortable in it and got plenty of compliments! I also think the lace cap sleeves are super cute. It even helped me hit the high notes in “Part of Your World” during Weetacon karaoke! (Just kidding, it’s a dress, not a magical Hogwarts singing cloak.)

I don’t recommend this dress for me, but I do recommend this dress in general. Igigi is a wonderful designer for plus sizes, and I recommend them highly.

igigimoIGIGI is going to give one lucky commenter on this review a $50 gift certificate! Here’s how it works: Go to the IGIGI website and pick out your ideal dress for a special occasion, important business meeting, date night or what have you. Then leave a comment on this review, telling us which garment YOU want and where you plan on wearing it. You can increase your chances of winning an IGIGI gift certificate by leaving comments on each of the other Weetacon IGIGI reviews. Comments must be received by April 20 at midnight PST. Winners will be notified and announced on this page and the IGIGI at Weetacon 2014 page by April 25th.

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And the winner is Karianna!   Congratulations! IGIGI will be in contact with your gift certificate in the next few weeks.

Mo IGIGI 2014 random winner

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  1. Ooh! So beautiful, Mo! I have a bunch of weddings and a prom to chaperone, so I would like the Nencia dress in flamingo. I think it has a bold color in a classic style, which is interesting! 🙂

  2. Do love how you accessorized with that great necklace and really cute flats. I would rock the Domani Top Coat to a conference that I’m so excited about!

  3. That’s a gorgeous dress, Mo, and I agree those cap sleeves are adorable! I’ve got my eye on the Thalia gown in Rose Garden that’s in the new Look Book. I think it would be perfect for my high school reunion this summer!

  4. I want either the Hayleigh dress or with Wren Wrap dress. I think both would be perfect for a fundraiser I have to attend or even just a fancy dinner out. You look great, Mo, but I know what you mean about a great dress but not a great dress for you.

  5. I love your accessorizing, too, Mo! I want the Neve Wrap dress in Blue Floral because I think it would be perfect for all my spring book events!

  6. I love that new Deora dress. With the dots! But it is probably not great for my shape. I need a new, really hot dress for my infrequent date nights. And I need to win a gift card so I can afford to buy one!

  7. I think you totally rocked that dress. Even though it didn’t seem like a “you” kind of dress, if ever you need an occasion to wear a sexy lace cocktail dress, you should feel damn comfortable wearing the Rachelle. And I bet a different bra would help with the fit. I want the Deora jazz-age inspired dress to wear to jazz brunches in New York City.

  8. The Carmen top…I would not recommend. I tried the other color through Gwynnie Bee, and it’s sort of shapeless in person and the fabric is icky 🙁 The dress in that print, though, is great. I’m a “rectangle” and it made me look like I have a waist, plus, it’s comfy and doesn’t wrinkle. However, my favorite dress on Igigi right now is THIS ONE. I would probably wear it to work. Or the grocery store. Or wherever.

    The lace dress is so pretty, and I love your necklace!

  9. You look beautiful, Mo. I want that dress, actually. It will look good on me for holiday parties this year.

  10. I have my eye on the Luella Tunic in Emerald, which would be perfect for work events with black pants. I love the look of this dress you wore, but it’s way fancier than most of my life calls for. 🙂

  11. I think this dress looks great on you, I love the lace and color.

    I’m looking to expand my workwear collection, I would love to own the Monroe Skirt in Navy, and the Belmont Skirt in Ebony Damask. A Mena Jacket in Navy would also be a great addition, as I currently only have one Black blazer.

  12. The minute I saw the Deora dress on Twitter, I knew it needed to be mine. I’d not only wear it to a wedding or another dressier function, but I’d wear it to work (once the weather warms up a bit around here and I can stand having bare legs again).

  13. I hear you on liking a dress but not for you. Though I loved the way you accessorized this and I think you looked beautiful in it.

    I’d like the Domani top coat, I need a spring/fall jacket that fits properly. And I want the Greenwich top in every color they have because it’s a great “throw on and look great with no effort” piece.

  14. This looks beautiful on you.

  15. You look amazing and I love the bright accessories! I’m hoping to wear the Chelsea Dress in Fuego to my wedding reception!

  16. I need to go find that necklace.

    I’m hoping to get my hands on the Domani Top Coat coat in my life.

  17. I love the Hayleigh dress in Midnight Blue – I’ve been coveting it for a while!

  18. You look great!! I really love the Cadence Dress in Black/Ivory ( I would wear it to my college graduation in May (ahhhhhh, I don’t want to grow up).

  19. That dress is adorable! I personally love the Fayette dress in Merlot. So pretty for a nice dinner out.

  20. I actually like that dress on you and think that black is a really nice color on you – it makes your complexion look porcelain and pretty! Before you give up on that dress I hope you bring it to a good tailor and see if he or she can make the top fit you better. Also, as I commented to another Weetacon reviewer, a nice cardigan (front-tying would be cool)and leggings and interesting comfy shoes like Doc Martens can turn Igigi dressy dresses into interesting artsy/funky daywear. I absolutely love the pop of color in your necklace – that is a terrific styling accent.

    My Igigi dress wish is an upcoming maxi dress in mint-green that looks like the Olympia Maxi Dress but with sleeves.

  21. I think it looks really nice on you too! I’m lusting after the Janus dress in pink pindot. Mostly because I like saying and typing “pink pindot”, but also because it would look great at work and give me excuse to buy pink shoes.

  22. It’s a very pretty dress on you!! I’m eyeing the Vintage Polka Dot for summer.

  23. So many great looks!

    It is hard to narrow down my favorite to one. I love the nico skirt in midnight sahara (with matching top) and the jadyn maxi dress (I LOVE blue and purple!) My niece is turning 1 in a couple weeks, so a brand-new pretty dress would be terrific to wear to her birthday party. (I’m also eying the vintage floral dress for an “every day” look)

  24. I think you look great!

    I would love to try the Tavi top in Tropical or the Nico skirt in Midnight Sahara. I think both would be awesome additions to my work wardrobe.

  25. Cassidy dress in Kusama dot would be perfect for an end of year staff party I need to attend. It’s playful and young.

  26. Pretty dress! You look fantastic! Great coloring for you too.

    I’d have to go with the Tiffany dress for me. It looks like a lot of fun and variation plus I like the length.

  27. That is a beautiful dress on you! I love the marisol dress in pomegranate. I have a very fancy wedding that I’m attending this summer and it would be perfect.

  28. I’d choose the Isis dress for work; my work wardrobe needs refreshing.

  29. I love that dress but felt like I was way too short for it to be a viable option for me….it definitely works better with your height!

    I’m in love with all their maxi dresses this year, especially the Letta and Christina ones. I want them all!

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