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Newbie, Weetacon 2017 »

[18 Jun 2017 | No Comment | ]

Location: Fremont, CA
Interests: hiking, reading mostly fantasy and sci-fi, guitar, fitness, swing dancing
Twitter: Miz_Aich
Facebook: Melissa Heckman
Attending: Weetacon 2017
Reason I’m attending Weetacon:  I’m traveling more this year
Thing I’m most nervous about: Getting horrible jet lag and needing to crash for an entire day even though it’s only a 2 hour time difference.
My impressions of Weetacon are: Fun,fun,fun! Great people.
When we meet, ask me about:  cats, kids, celebrity gossip

Newbie, Weetacon 2017 »

[22 Feb 2017 | No Comment | ]

Location: New York City

Interests: crafts, ceramics, jewelry design, quilting, musical theater, reading, true crime, an unhealthy fascination with cults and new religious movements (in other words, I know way too much about Scientology), way too many TV commitments, good food, so many other things.

Nickname/Alternate name: imp (from The Usual Suspects)

Website: girlingothamdesigns.com (hasn’t been updated in ages) 
Blog: girlingotham.com and girlvsinertia.com (also haven’t been updated in ages and ages)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulieNYC (Julie Blutstein)

Twitter: @grlgothamdesign

Instagram: @girlingotham (added this because I spend way more time on Instagram than Twitter)

Significant Other: If you meet him, let him know I’m looking …

Newbie, Weetacon 2016 »

[8 Feb 2016 | No Comment | ]

Location: Fontana, California
Interests: Genealogy, Music, Vintage Purse Collecting/Rehabbing
Nickname/Alternate name: None
Website: None
Blog: Nope
Facebook: facebook.com/jeaninne.mayo
Twitter: Ummm, no
Significant Other: Tony
Random Fact: I’m only two degrees separated from Kevin Bacon.
Secret Super Power: Can spot accounting errors immediately. Not so much a super power but it works.
Attending: Weetacon 2016
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: To meet the people whose stories I’ve followed for years. And it looks like fun! I could use some fun.
Thing I’m most nervous about: Catching my connecting flights.
My impressions of Weetacon are: A great time with welcoming people. And booze.
When we meet, ask me about: How to find a great bargain on anything.

Newbie, Weetacon 2015 »

[16 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]

Location: Hollywood, CA
Interests: Books, coin and stamp collecting (woah, hold me back, I’m wild!), movies, buying all of the t-shirts and eye shadow in the world, no t-shirts or eye shadow left for you people, sorry!
Nickname/Alternate name: The Mighty Kymm
Website: http://kymmz.livejournal.com/
Blog: see above
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kymmz
Twitter: @kymmz
Significant Other: None
Random Fact: I was given my first tap dancing lesson by Ray Bolger on the Warner lot.
Secret Super Power: I can win over the most recalcitrant dog.
Attending: Weetacon 2015
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Because it’s about damn time.
Thing I’m most nervous about: You mean about …

Newbie, Weetacon 2015 »

[23 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]

Location:  Lafayette, IN
Interests:  Shopping, Sports, Travel
Nickname/Alternate name:  Jen or Jennifer…no JENNY! 🙂
Twitter: jenhem72
Significant Other: Jason
Random Fact: I ate my twin in the womb
Attending: Weetacon 2015
Reason I’m attending Weetacon:  Weetabix and Plain Jane….been following them both for a really long time!
Thing I’m most nervous about:  Not fitting in….cliche as it is
My impressions of Weetacon are: A weekend of fun
When we meet, ask me about:  My kids

Newbie, Weetacon 2015 »

[23 Jan 2015 | One Comment | ]

Location: Hilton Head Island, SC
Interests: Travel, Interior decorating/Organizing/DIY, Reading…
Twitter: Purduegrad97
Significant Other: Greg
Random Fact: I retired at 38
Secret Super Power: Packing
Attending: Weetacon 11
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: I’ve been reading Weetabix for years (10+) and participating in the Holiday Card Exchange and seeing all the cool Facebook posts of Weetacon. I finally decided I need to meet all these cool people in person and get in on the action!
Thing I’m most nervous about: Being a complete FanGirl over Weetabix and/or Plain Jane
My impressions of Weetacon are: Great people & good times!
When we meet, …

Newbie, Weetacon 2014 »

[16 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Interests: Camping, Beer, Knitting, Kayaking, Reading, Orcas, and Chickadees
Nickname/Alternate name: Mandi (Amanda is my legal first name)
Website: Don’t have one
Blog: Don’t have one
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandi.cappelle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mandzi999
Significant Other: Jorie Tappa
Random Fact: I am O+ in blood type.
Secret Super Power: Being able to talk about anything for a very long time
Attending: Weetacon 2014
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: I had such a great time hanging out with some of you fine people last fall.
Thing I’m most nervous about: Nothing really.
My impressions of Weetacon are: Everyone has a wonderful time.
When we meet, ask me about: Whatever your heart desires. I have opinions on everything.

Newbie, Weetacon 2014 »

[4 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]

Location: Forest Park, IL
Interests: Whiffling through the tulgey wood; occasionally gyring and gimbling in the wabe . . .
Nickname/Alternate name: You can call me Ray, and you can call me Jay, and you can call me Ray-Jay, but you doesn’t has to call me Johnson . . .
Website: A what?
Blog: nope
Facebook: Evan Voboril
Twitter: nope
Significant Other: Kommandant End
Random Fact: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was established by act of Congress in 1933 in an attempt to restore confidence in the American banking system.
Secret Super Power: Atomic Mind Eraser. I can …

Newbie, Weetacon, Weetacon 2014, Weetacon 2014 »

[22 Jan 2014 | One Comment | ]

Location: San Jose, CA
Interests: fredlet, roller derby ref-ing, unicode wrangling and games.
Nickname/Alternate name: Bradd
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bszonye
Significant Other: fredlet
Random Fact:
Secret Super Power:
Attending: Weetacon X (2014)
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: fredlet made me a hat, now I have to go.
Thing I’m most nervous about: my family in Michigan figuring out that I am this close and not visiting them…
My impressions of Weetacon are:
When we meet, ask me about: unicode

Newbie, Weetacon 2014 »

[4 Jan 2014 | One Comment | ]


Location:  Vancouver, WA
Interests: Writing, being crafty, baking, board games, Pinterest crafts, singing along with Sara Bareilles at the top of my lungs, taking long LUSH baths, working quotes from The Office into every possible conversation.
Nickname/Alternate name: J, Jo, Jol, Jols, Joley – Basically any variation of Jolene
Website: www.jolenelavine.com – Waiting for crowdfunding to create the perfect site.
Blog: jolenelavine.tumblr.com – Hasn’t been updated in almost a year.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jolenelavine
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jolenelavine (sensing a theme?)
Significant Other: Jesse
Random Fact: For no discernible reason, I’m convinced that Sara Bareilles and I will be BFF one day.
Secret Super Power: That thing where you start singing a song and 30 …