Igigi at Weetacon 2010

Plus-size fashion super designer Yuliya Raquel decked the Weetacon ladies in her amazing fashions during Weetacon 2010. Check out the loveliness! I think they definitely classed up the dive-y Bad Bar!

Karen D is absolutely glowing in her Autumn Blossoms top.

Poppy and Ladyloo each rocked a Forget Me Knot dress (and reviewed them too)!


This photo doesn’t do Mary justice in this dress, as she practically left a trail of flames in her wake, she was so smoking hot! Read her review of the Carolina Swirl dress here!


Susan’s review of her Biella dress made us a little verklempt! She doesn’t even mention the moment when a room of fifty people greeted her with catcalls and applause!


Jennette looks so pretty in her L’Amourette dress (read her review)! (Jenfoo looks also pretty but I do not know her label)

Ryan looks like he can’t wait to take Jessi home. Get a room, honeymooners! (Read her review here)

Suzanna was all front and center in her Talent and Beauty Dress (review here). Yes, it’s appropriate that the dress has two names because HELLO NURSE!


The good folks at Igigi were also kind enough to donate three $100 shopping sprees to our Charity Raffle! Amazing!

Trance Jen won one of the packages and wrote a review of her score!


Thanks to the folks at Igigi for making us all feel so pretty!

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