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[14 Apr 2013 | 21 Comments | ]

PLEASE NOTE:I received this dress in exchange for the review and receive no other compensation. The opinion is all my own, because no one has managed to inflict their opinion on me ever before anyway.
I had the pleasure of test driving the Skye dress from Igigi. It is more fitted than I usually wear but I have learned to trust in Yuliya Raquel’s design acumen and I think this dress is my favorite of all the one’s I have.

(Photo: Melinda Pogue)

(Photo: Melinda Pogue)
fredlet Wearing Size 18/20, Height – 5’3″, Shape …

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[10 Dec 2012 | No Comment | ]

Are you feeling like your well of creativity is running a little dry? Or maybe you want to learn how to do something new, because your current hobbies are boring you. Well, have we got good news for you!
In keeping with this year’s creativity theme, we’ve set up a schedule that lets you spend a few hours on Friday learning new ways of being creative from your fellow Weetacon attendees.
Currently scheduled sessions are listed below and class descriptions can be found here. Start planning your class schedule now so you …

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[18 Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | ]

Nothing is more grueling than a travel day, so be kind to yourself and start your Weetacon weekend right with an appointment at Tranquility Spa Sanctuary, just across the river from the host hotel. We’ve arranged for a menu of spa appointments at reduced prices — facials and massages, pedicures and manicures (yes, even the new shellac-type polish!) in a beautiful vintage Victorian house that used to be the home of one of Green Bay’s mayors in the early 20th century.

This private Weetacon spa party will happen Thursday, February 28th …

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[13 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]

Location: Chicago, IL
Interests: Carpentry & electrical work, playing soccer, architecture, modern art, the Cubs.
Nickname/Alternate name: Ron Swanson
Website: none – Luddite
Blog: same
Facebook: same
Twitter: same – can you believe it? Consider yourself lucky if I even read an e-mail –  I just started texting about a year ago.
Significant Other: Poppy
Random Fact: I was an extra in The Weatherman and Gore Verbinski personally gave me direction on how to eat a hamburger.  I have a 3 second close-up on just me in the food court scene.
Secret Super Power: Able to consume vast quantities of pizza.
Attended Weetacon: Weetacon VIII, 9 and 10
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Poppy …

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[19 Sep 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Interests: Knitting, Kittens, Expensive French cookware (and inexpensive French cookware) and writing.
Nickname/Alternate name: fredlet
Facebook: fredlet
Twitter: http://twitter.com/fredlet
Significant Other: Bradd, Moon Pie,  Ottov2 and Bellatrix ….
and the artists formerly known as Bunnycat and Tex
Random Fact: I’m a pain in the arse, but I’m usually worth it.
Favorite Bad Bar Song: Me and Bobby McGee

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon II, Weetacon III, Weetacon IV, Weetacon V, Weetacon VI, Weetacon VII

Best Weetacon Memory: Everyone sitting around in the St B’s pub all just talking and me knitting and eating all the oranges from …

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[19 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Location: West Allis, WI
Interests: Avoiding the oppressive responsibilities of adulthood
Nickname/Alternate name: Hostrauser
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hostrauser/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hostrauser/
Significant Other: Melinda
Random Fact: I have composed four symphonies.
Favorite Bad Bar Song: Calcutta by Lawrence Welk. Which is a shame, because I’ve never heard that song in any bar, anywhere.
Attended Weetacon: All but Weetacon II: The Re-Weetening
Best Weetacon Memory: Proposing to my now wife during the sleigh ride at Weetacon I
Funniest Weetacon Incident: Bees?

Weetathlon Awards: The Big Leboswki – 1st place; Lesbian Drama Avenger
Known for at Weetacon: being one of the few people who doesn’t drink alcohol
Note: Feel …

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[19 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

Location: Los Angeles, California
Interests: roller derby, culinary adventures, reading, tattoos
Nickname/Alternate name: my Mama calls me Babycakes and my derby name, thanks to the lovely Christine, is Delilah Decider (call me Decider)

Random Fact: Back in my younger days, I worked on a cruise ship as the lead singer in a Vegas style review: fishnets, feathers, sequins, the whole lot.  It was the most fun I have ever had in a job and there is video of this that will go with me to my grave. I will show you pictures if …