Raffle #33: Wellness Book Bundle

Your Big Fat Boyfriend by Jenna Bergen

From Amazon:

Gaining weight is every woman’s worst nightmare your big fat boyfriend may be to blame! Studies have shown that when a woman is in a relationship she almost always gains weight. In Your Big Fat Boyfriend , fitness expert Jenna Bergen explores why this phenomenon happens and how a woman can combat it without alienating her sweetie.

Readers will discover the differences in male and female metabolisms and why you can’t eat like he does, how to eat healthful meals when dining at not-so-healthy places, creative date ideas that will keep you and your guy active and good-for-him (and you!) recipes that taste great and won’t leave your guy hungry

And more! Complete with humorous first-person accounts quizzes and fun sidebars and charts, Your Big Fat Boyfriend will strike a chord with any girl who’s ever dated a diet disaster.

The Geometry of Pasta by Caz Hildebrand

From Publisher’s Weekly: One would think that a minimalist cookbook devoid of photography wouldn’t be worthy of coffee table status, but the illustrations adorning this volume prove otherwise. Conceived by award-winning graphic designer Hildebrand, who has designed cookbooks for Nigella Lawson and others, the diversity of pasta morphology, from Agnolotti to Ziti, is revealed through historical anecdotes, recipes, and an eye-catching b&w aesthetic. The book starts with the basics, demystified: salt, fat, cooking, and quantity. Kenedy then covers dry vs. fresh, and provides recipes for several pastas and for three authentic sauces that form the foundation for many of the sauces in the book. From the obscure story of Strozzapreti (“priest stranglers”) to the humorous warming red pepper and whiskey sauce for Radiatore pasta, or “radiators,” one learns how shapes are created to maximize surface area and sauce delivery. The ingredients needed for over 200 sauce preparations run the gamut from obscure (Lumace alla Lumache, or Snails with Snails) to the near pedestrian, like Frankfurters and Fontina, a recommended pairing with the wheel shaped Rotelline, “a complex, arguably uninspired shape that was only possible with the advancement of the pasta industries mechanization,” an advancement that was apparently “much lauded by the Fascists.” An instant classic.

Retail Value: $21.00

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