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Wendy MC reviews the Luella Infinity Tunic in Emerald and the Neve Wrap Dress in Abtruse Dot

It’s the Igigi event! My favorite event! I was given two pieces in exchange for an honest review, and I wore them for the first time last week at Weetacon.

wendy igigi top

First: the Luella Infinity tunic in Emerald. Igigi has been offering these tops in different colors for months now, and I’ve come close to buying one before. The wrap bodice style reminded me of other things I’ve done well with, like the Twist tops from Kiyonna. So I was pretty sure that I’d like this piece, since it’s a good length to wear with fitted jeans and boots, and it seemed like the wrap details would give it some structure.


Putting Luella on for the first time I was surprised to see that its (her?) bodice really does wrap and unwrap—there are two long sashes in front that you can either cross across the chest (preferred) or pull to the back (weirder); then the remaining lengths of sash can be tied in back or wrapped around your waist and tied to the side. So I spent about ten minutes the first time futzing with the sashes trying to figure out the best look.


I have to say Luella and I did not really get along on our first couple encounters. She/it seemed oddly high-maintenance. Wearing the sashes tied in a bow in the back felt silly, but crossing them back around to the front made everything seem messier and more improvised somehow—nothing seemed to lie or hang quite right, and I did a lot of tugging and fixing. The first time I wore Luella out it didn’t quite feel right; on my second wearing I stuck a cardigan over it, which is my standard practice for things that don’t quite work.


But on my third wearing, I cracked the code—I wrapped the sashes a little more gently, allowed for more of an Empire waist style, and suddenly it all came together: INFINITY REVEALED ITSELF TO ME. I get now why this has piece gotten so many great reviews. I don’t love the sleeves (a little loose and shapeless) and I wish the fabric could be a little heavier, but nevertheless this is a big win.

Wendy igigi dress2

The Neve Dress in Abstruse Dot seemed like another sure thing when I picked it, and for the most part, it was. Things I love: the wrinkle-free fabric, which makes this a great dress to pack; the fact that it’s lined, which gives it some nice weight and warmth. It’s a great working dress, meaning it’s good for work functions, but also just reliable.


However, well… I continue the eternal fight with the low neckline and the wrap bodice. All my usual efforts to keep things in place with Hollywood Tape were thwarted before I even made it out the door to dinner on my first wearing. The rest of the night I just tried not to worry about the tenuous balance of flesh and fabric that changed every time I sat down, bent over, lifted my arm, et cetera. It’s not a modesty issue, it’s just that not everyone can rock a wrap bodice look, regardless of bust size.


I appreciate that Igigi is including the phrase “work-appropriate neckline” in the copy for some of its clothes and finally acknowledging that there’s a real need for that option. The thing is, though, I like wearing the wrap dresses and tops, I just have to wear them differently. I wish Igigi would recognize that instead of leaving me to improvise with camis or bandeaus and hope the color and fabric matches enough to pass. Igigi makes shrugs to provide arm coverage for some of its dresses; couldn’t they also make removable panels that attach from the inside of the dress, or offer a bandeau in colors that coordinate with the current season’s line? I know Igigi loves designing for a certain kind of bustline, but those of us who don’t have that kind of body would be happy to wear the same dresses if you’d give us a little more to work with (and I don’t mean those little black safety pins that come with the dress tags).


Ranting aside, I’m really pleased with the Neve dress. With the right cami I’ll be able to wear it for a lot of professional events. I love the pattern—it’s modern and unusual and very much like wearing 10,000 tiny Robert Motherwell paintings. (For the purposes of feedback, I will say that if the Jade or the Blue Floral designs had been available, I would have been all over those, too.)


I say a lot about Igigi, but I wear a lot of Igigi, too, and they really do have something for everyone shopping women’s plus. If you haven’t tried shopping there yet (or if you have, but I don’t need to tell you) Igigi is giving away a $50 gift certficate to one person who comments on this post. Here’s how: Go to the Igigi website and pick out your ideal dress for a special occasion, important business meeting, date night or what have you. Then leave a comment on this review, telling us which garment YOU want and where you plan on wearing it. You can increase your chances of winning an IGIGI gift certificate by leaving comments on each of the other Weetacon Igigi reviews at this page. Comments must be received by April 20 at midnight PST. Winners will be notified and announced on this page and the Igigi at Weetacon 2014 page by April 25th.


And the winner is Sheila! Congratulations Sheila! You’ll be receiving an email shortly from IGIGI with your gift certificate code.

Kari igigi winner


  • Jorie said:

    I love your idea about the panels for cleavage. This is my biggest gripe with Igigi. I need work appropriate dresses. “Day to Night” dresses should be exactly what you described. Something I can have some kind of cleavage covering garment for at work and then remove it for cocktails or social gatherings where it’s acceptable for me to be less modest.

    Personally, I’m looking to expand my workwear collection, I would love to own the Monroe Skirt in Navy, and the Belmont Skirt in Ebony Damask. A Mena Jacket in Navy would also be a great addition for me!

  • Shae said:

    I agree. I don’t own any camis or tanks because other places I shop don’t have as many plunging necklines. A removable panel would be great. I noticed that in the shot for one of the new dress that’s made the same as the Luella they show the model wearing either a cami or tank underneath that they don’t sell.

    For me I’d like the Domani coat, it’s so hard to find good spring/fall plus size jackets. I also want to get the Greenwich top in all the colors I don’t have because it’s just such a perfect “throw on and look great” piece.

  • Sarah Patrick said:

    I LOVE your idea of a removable panel for the more plunging necklines – it’s brilliant and I hope IGIGI is listening! I’m still pining for the Deora dress – for work, for special occasions, for the grocery store.

  • lisa-marie said:

    I totally agree! I generally not a fan of cleavage – especially in the workplace – and would love a removable panel or something like that! Hopefully IGIGI will hear our pleas! I’ve got my eye on the Thalia gown in Rose Garden that’s in the new Look Book, or the Jadyn Maxi Dress. Either one would be perfect for my high school reunion this summer!

  • KarenD said:

    Yes, yes, yes–I too love the panel idea! I have a red Igigi top that I only wear to work with a black cami underneath because otherwise I am entirely too cleavage-riffic for the office.

    I am coveting that Luella Tunic. The Tiffany dress I wore had a similar bodice arrangement and I liked that a lot, but a top is more suitable for my office than a dress.

  • True said:

    I love the green color but prefer the Dress on you.

  • Nicole said:

    I love the Neve Dress in Abstruse Dot (and other prints). I’ve tried a couple of their wrap dresses and they work well in my wardrobe!

  • Jessi said:

    You look fabulous in both the top and the dress! I would like the Tiffany dress in either pink or jade. I think the top of the dress is similar to the Luella top and that would suit me. Great job on the review!

  • Jess said:

    I love the Neve dress in Abstuse Dot! It would be a perfect dress for me to wear to work and then for a happy hour or dinner after. I actually have scads of camis. Because of the way my body is shaped, a neckline doesn’t have to be particularly plunging to risk showing too much cleavage.

  • Sheila said:

    I love wrap dresses, and I love this one and have been coveting it, but have the same issues. For a faux wrap, I usually take it to the tailor and have a few stitches put in; it just makes me feel better to not have to check a zillion times that I’m showing everything off and to feel like I constantly have to readjust. I had a great black wrap dress a few years ago from Lane Bryant of all places, and what made it great was there were hooks and eyes, so the dress could securely be adjusted, and then the belt could be wrapped around. Fabulous.

    I have stalked so many Igigi clothes, have quite a few and even have an eBay alert set. Currently I am crushing hard on Janus dress in pink pin dot. I missed out on it when it was available in purple.

  • That's My Bix! › The IGIGI Neve wrap and Nencia cocktail dresses — And a free giveaway! said:

    […] and see the Neve with my name on it (well, two Neves with my name on it, as my fellow Wendy  reviewed the Neve in Abtruse Dot too!). Plus, this black and white print is a WRAP — a true wrap dress in fact. I heart me some […]

  • Becky said:

    I like the Fayette dress or the Nencia Cocktail Dress.

  • Corinna said:

    Yes about the neckline on Igigi dresses. Overall, I think they are cut a bit too low. And if I spend that much on a dress I don’t want to feel like I have to wear a cami under it. It ruins the neckline and I feel a bit like there is something wrong with my body, rather than the dress isn’t cut right. Rant aside – I still LOVE Igigi and most of the pieces work well for me. I love that Neve dress on you and you are making me reconsider my lust for the Deora. But I think the Deora wins because everything I own has a low neckline and I should probably have one thing that covers my boobs right? I would wear it to brunch and the museum here in NYC.

  • Dabney Ring said:

    I agree with everyone the dress looks fabulous on you. I also love the panel idea. I had one of those infinity garments and I can’t make it work and so I am leery. For myself, I would like the Hayleigh or the Wren wrap dress for a fundraiser.

  • ladyloo said:

    Amen sister on the boobage issues. I love all my Igigi dresses, but even I get mesmorized by my cleeavage when I wear then, and that’s just not a great thing to be doing at work.

    So instead of the dresses this time, I’m eyeballing the Domani Coat. ME thinks, it’s a coat made for the South – windbreaking but not super thick.

  • Kate said:

    I love the Hayleigh dress in Midnight Blue – I’ve been coveting it for a while!

  • Sharmishtha said:

    I really love the Cadence Dress in Black/Ivory (http://www.igigi.com/plus-size-dresses/cadence-dress-in-black-ivory.html). I would wear it to my college graduation in May (ahhhhhh, I don’t want to grow up). A lot of my friends are talking about graduation dresses, and I think it’s a bit much to make a big deal about it, but I thought this dress was really classic looking and looks like it would be flattering for my apple shape, and I would love to wear it 🙂

  • sarah said:

    That wrap dress looks fabulous. I would love to take the new IGIGI Wren dress in peacock with me on holiday to New Zealand at Easter. I think that it will be the perfect dress for days wandering Wellington and nights enjoying some local wine at a restaurant.

  • Melinda said:

    I was afraid the Luella might be a little complicated, but I never would have known you were having difficulties getting along! I think I’d like to try the wrapping bodice thing out in the Tiffany dress…the Mandarin Red one, because I definitely need a new red power dress for work!

  • Melanie S. said:

    I agree with your comment about cami coverage for Igigi wrap dresses. I found some at Walmart last year in a pack of black, white and beige and they’re just little panels of lingerie fabric that attach to bra straps and hang like a bib over your chest/cleavage and under your dress. I often wear them under Igigi dresses and shirts for work. I know that other companies offer these types of “bra bibs” in different colors and patterns.

    That being said, the Neve dress looks fabulous on you!! It’s a nice, professional cut and striking pattern. You look very put together in it and I like how you styled it.

    Right now I’ve got my eye on the Olympia Maxi Dress in a mint green-ish color because it looks perfect for warm weather.

  • Meg said:

    You should patenet that idea!!!! That would be awesome! I’ve never EVER gone anywhere near a wrap dress bc I think that they would look so weird on me, but you’ve inspired me! You got me looking at the Wren Wrap Dress in Tropic Noir & the Peacock style too! I need some more fancy yet still casual dresses for the year of wedding things I have planned! One of these would be perfect for our engagement party this spring!!!

  • Jennifer N. said:

    You look great in both pieces. I personally love the Fayette dress in Merlot. So pretty for a nice dinner out.

  • Nannette said:

    I tried the neve dress through my Gwynnie Bee subscription. I thought the dress was nice, but didn’t flatter me as much as I hoped it would. It was way too long, sad :(. The dress looks much nicer on you!
    I would love to try out the Feugo dress. I’m pretty sure I would wear it everywhere.

  • Mary said:

    You look gorgeous in both pieces! I have that top in bright red (love!) and in a purple knit (also love!), but I would adore having the Janus dress in pink pindot to wear to my wonderful new job.

  • Beth T. said:

    Ooh, I like that Luella top on you and it’s good to know that the sleeves are looser – that’s my one general complaint with igigi – the sleeves are often too tight.

    In that vein, I’m currently eyeing the Vintage Polka Dot dress for summer!

  • Susan Grace said:

    Gorgeous! I must have the Letta Dress in Mandarin Rose.

  • Heather S said:

    You look awesome, Wendy! I love the black and white dress, and I appreciate your candor about the cleavage because I would suffer from those same issues at work.

    I would love to try the Tavi top in Tropical or the Nico skirt in Midnight Sahara. They would dress up my work wardrobe nicely!

  • Karianna said:

    So many great looks!

    It is hard to narrow down my favorite to one. I love the nico skirt in midnight sahara (with matching top) and the jadyn maxi dress (I LOVE blue and purple!) My niece is turning 1 in a couple weeks, so a brand-new pretty dress would be terrific to wear to her birthday party.

  • Tiffany said:

    Id love to wear the Nicki Maxi dress this summer. It has such beautiful colors and is gorgeous.

  • Amy said:

    I want the Elsa dress for my daughter’s graduation or confirmation this year. I have so many occasions coming up that need dresses, and have no dresses that look right!

  • TeresaM said:

    I love the marisol dress in pomegranate. I have a very fancy wedding that I’m attending this summer and it would be perfect.

  • Lindsay said:

    I love the Infinity Tunic as well! I’m starting a new job next week, and am looking for pieces that look pulled together, dressier than I normally am, and can be paired with a great pair of boots. If I can only figure out how to wrap it (I’m easily confused when it
    comes to clothing). Is there an instructional video?

  • Lori S said:

    Oh, that top is AWESOME. I definitely would want one of those. I myself love the Tiffany dress too, but if I had to choose between dresses, I’d also go with the Chelsea dress as well. I love how all of you went outside of your comfort zone in getting these dresses — that’s one of the best things I’ve enjoyed about these links.

  • Jerri said:

    I think I would choose the Isis dress for work; my work wardrobe could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

  • Eilene said:

    I have similar issues… but with my broad shoulders pulling a low neckline too much to the side… exposing the sides of my girls. I really like the Nicolette Peplum Dress… because I like the look of separates… but without actually having to own separates. And it’s nice having a cocktail dress that can be worn with a standard bra. I get tired of “plus” versions of off the shoulder dresses that require me to wear a strapless bra. Ugh.

  • Elisa said:

    Love the Neve dot dress on you, Wendy, and the emerald color of the wrap top is gorgeous on you. I agree with your assessment of actual wrap dresses and tops. It always takes me forever to figure out how to tie them correctly for my body shape so they don’t gap so much in the front, I show off my entire cleavage. Which is why I tend to prefer faux wrap dresses and tops, just to help avoid that problem. (And whenever I’m wearing a wrap top or dress, whether faux or real, I always wear a bra-cami underneath, to further avoid any ‘wardrobe malfunctions.’) Also agreed with you on the sleeves of the wrap top. The sleeves are kind of… meh. A little rouching, shirring or gathering might have helped.

    In the spirit of the Igigi give-away competition, I spent over 20 minutes on their website, drooling over the dresses and tops, most of which are out of my price range. The dresses that jumped off the page for me are the Marisol lace dress in truffle (subtle silver and lace – so beautiful); the Nencia cocktail dress in navy (again, I love lace, and this dress is gorgeous); and the dress you’re wearing – the Neve wrap dress in dot print. It looks like the perfect dress for almost any occasion – to dress up, dress down, etc. And the wrinkle-free wrap fabric is excellent.

  • Angela B said:

    Love the emerald top on you! The Neve dress in the dot print is adorable. Perfect for many occasions; like the October wedding I am going to.

  • Kim said:

    Teaching high school, modest necklines are a must at work.

    I am digging the Wren Wrap Dress.

  • Suzy said:

    I have always had issues with wrap tops, they don’t lie right on me, no matter what. I think my issue is lack of shoulders.

    I really want the Linea Plus Size Maxi Dress in Vermillion. That color is gorgeous.

  • Harmony said:

    Thanks for the candid review. I have a cami in every color for modesty

    If I could pick a dress right now it would be the Janus. What a beautiful cut and I love the pindot. I’d wear it to cocktail hour or out on a date!

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